Lightcraft Technology

LED Street Lighting Dimming

Our LED Street Lighting dimming feature helps to easily adapt street and outdoor lighting to the varied nightlife of cities, towns and rural areas and enables significant energy savings and enviromental benefits

It offers three different control and dimming functions in one electronic control gear:

DALI – digital interface for bi-directional communication

CDIM – dimming with the help of a control circuit, a midnight step-down switch is used in installations where a control circuit (switched phase) is available in addition to the power circuit. The switched phase is connected to the terminal board of street lighting fixture and an external actuator is used to start and end dimming. The dimming parameters (e.g. dim levels and fade times) are factory pre-set

ADIM – autonomous two-level dimming is designed for dimming without any external control wiring and helps to save energy and reduce light pollution, even if only a power circuit is available. In ADIM operation, the street lighting fixtures executes a pre-set dimming profile, which can be factory programmed. The autonomous dimming is regulated by an integrated timer, which adjusts the dimming profile according to the previous night (operation from switch-on to switch-off)

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Part Code Description Lead Time Data Sheet
CAS-EXT-PIR-BK IP66 Rated (PIR) Occupancy/Person Detector & Photocell Black 2-4 WEEKS