Lightcraft Technology

EAIR Wireless Communication

EAIR is the ideal solution for per-luminaire control of new luminaires

It combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and task tuning in a single, compact package for easy luminaire assembly

An intuitive app makes configuration and commissioning during and after installation fast and easy

Up to 40 sensors can be grouped to a switch using Apps, in addition to easily adding user control to a space, the grouping feature facilitates auto-off/manual-on use cases furthermore, advanced grouping allows scene setting (e.g. presentation mode for a conference room) as well as occupancy sharing (i.e., luminaires within a group can be programmed to remain at prescribed light levels so long as occupancy is detected anywhere in the group), plus the ability to add the use of qualified wireless switches allows the EAIR system to be used in an unlimited variety of projects

Contact us for full details and a demostration to see how easily EAIR will meet you control requirements 


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