Lightcraft Technology

ACT Plus Self-learning Solution

ACT+ is an out-of-the-box standalone solution consisting of an LED driver and small sensor, already built into the luminaire.

Luminaires fitted with the ACT+ solution are ideal for refurbishment projects, as well as for new build projects and works perfectly in offices, corridors, open plan areas and storage areas

The ACT + system allows clients to renew their lighting whilst using existing wires and switches which makes it more cost efficient as there is no need for any programming

As a standalone solution, ACT+ has no need for a physical or electrical connection to any other external lighting components such as control panels, dimmers or common sensors.

Key features:
- Stand-alone, inbuilt lighting control solution for LED luminaires
- Fully automatic setup through smart learning function
- Optimized occupancy detection for different situations
- Light level compensation over entire life cycle (CLO)
- Automatic daylight harvesting
- No programming, configuration or external control wiring 


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