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Human Centric Lighting (HCL), is the next big step in lighting as it provides both visual acuity and biologic benefits

HCL provide good visual lighting quality, energy efficiency and sustainability at a reasonable cost, it can also improve circadian rhythms, short- and long-term alertness, sleep, mood, visual acuity, perception and performance–productivity.

HCL shows the real value of lighting and makes lighting much more than a commodity especially when the wellbeing and performance–productivity benefits of employees is rightly considered in new or refurbishment projects

Benefits and merit of HCL:

- Individual, human centered illumination
- Natural light simulation
- Better comfort, health, productivity and sleep
- Supports circadian circle
- HCL can be implemented as standalone, as well as bigger systems solution

There are two simple ways to control dimming and Kelvin or Colour changing of Human Centric Lighting:

- Using a smart device like smartphone or a tablet;
- Using a push button (switch dimming)


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