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Helping you to improve sustainability, reduce energy costs and stay compliant.


LED lighting is an attractive, eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting. The cost savings associated with LED lighting make upgrading a sound economic decision.

For organisations operating both large & small buildings, the savings in energy and maintenance are noticeable almost immediately. LED lighting also gives you far more versatility when it comes to planning your space and creating the required atmosphere for you and your visitors.

Replacing old, inefficient lighting across your facility is one of the most reliable ways to effect instant change. Aesthetic benefits now frequently dovetail with potential energy savings and ROI, not to mention, a lighting redesign will make your facility look better and help provide a more pleasing environment for employees, customers and visitors.

Lighting upgrades are not always straightforward. All the technical issues have to be considered carefully, as well as design, budget and the needs of users. This is why we always take a bespoke approach to each project, and never issue standard quotes. This gives you peace of mind that every aspect of the design and project has been fully factored in before your quote is given.

There are five main stages to our approach:

  1. Consultation - Every LED upgrade begins with an initial consultation to determine the needs of your lighting design and desired outcomes.
  2. Design - Based on your requirements we design an efficient, cost-effective way of reaching your goals, utilising a suite of efficient lighting technologies and control systems.
  3. We provide a full Life Cycle Cost analysis of and payback period of your lighting retrofit showing you clear and simple results enabling you to plan ahead knowing the cost saving you will benefit from
  4. Implementation - We carefully plan the implementation around your schedule, working closely with architects, contractors and staff to deliver a smooth upgrade process.
  5. Assistance - We are here to provide expert assistance through to completion and beyond.

Our services include ongoing telephone technical support, repair and maintenance as required.

To find out more about LED lighting upgrades please ring our office on 0115 666 8777 or you can email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.